The aim of Sportsfest is a friendly competition with the aim to build relationships both within your team and with other teams. It is recognised however that some of us love our sport and whilst keeping all competitions friendly the need is there to win. Whilst we never want to see the 'win at all costs' attitude entering the games, we do want to meet the needs of those needing to win. To help make it easy, below is listed ways your team can both win points and loose points.

Each sport in each time slot has ability to win points. All sports have the same amount of points awarded.

1st Place 30 Points
2nd Place 20 Points
3rd  Place 12 Points
4th Place 8 Points
5th Place 5 Points

Other points can be gained for the following areas:

  • 50 points - Having provided the required number of Adult volunteers.
  • 1st - 5th placing points;
    • Best T- Shirt Design
    • Best Banner Design

Negative points are gained as follows:

The two main areas teams loose points for are:

  • 10 points for 1st game missed and 10 ponts for every other game to a maxium of 30 points for Turning up late to your sports.
  • 30 Points for Not turning up at all to a sport you are fixtured on for.

Other points can be lost if your adult volunteers do not turn up for sports they are down to assist with - to a maximum amount of 50 points, if you gained bonus points for supplying correct amount of Volunteers on time.

50 points can also be lost by your team for each of the co-ordinators meetings your team co-ordinator either doesn't attend or fails to send a representative. (allowances are made for health and country based teams).

So basically if your teams, volunteers and coordinators, turn up on time for each of the sports they are down to play, and meetings they need to attend, you will not loose any points.

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